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Functional Anatomy of Yoga Book

This is an anatomy book that you will WANT to read! The concepts and principles in this book are written in a conversational tone so you understand it more easily. This is without a doubt the most comprehensive book on anatomy for yoga students and teachers.

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  • An anatomy book that is finally written in a conversational tone.
  • Beautifully illustrated to show concepts and principle of anatomy and yoga.
  • Perfect for students and teachers of yoga.

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  • When Did you start writing the Functional Anatomy of Yoga Book?

    Why is the subject of anatomy and yoga so fascinating?

    What do you offer that’s different?

  • Functional Anatomy of Yoga is a rare gem. This book enables both the casual reader and the seasoned practitioner to understand and implement the anatomical structure and function of the body in yoga. Written with a conversational tone, the book delivers the complex subject of human anatomy in a way that is both provocative and clear.

    The underlying theme of the book is integration. David Keil outlines how yoga teachers and practitioners can utilize a deeper understanding of their anatomy as they approach the larger scheme of yoga. How do the supposed “parts and pieces” of the body synchronize to support integrated movement? Finally, how do the various yoga postures interrelate from the perspective of functional anatomy?

    Not only is David Keil an authority on the subject of anatomy, but he also has the wisdom and first-hand experience of a skilled yoga teacher and practitioner. He has been presenting the subject of anatomy in a way that is interesting, meaningful, and applicable to teachers and students alike since 2000. Beautifully illustrated throughout with colour images and photographs to clearly explain the concepts and asanas, Functional Anatomy of Yoga will assist you in reaching new heights in your yoga practice using the “laboratory” of the body and the tools of yoga asana.

    Paperback: 383 pages
    Publisher: Lotus Publishing (August 30, 2014)
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 1905367465
    ISBN-13: 978-1905367467
    Product Dimensions: 10.8 x 8.4 x 0.6 inches

  • Review from Peg Mulqueen at

    I don’t know why I’m writing this because according to my Facebook feed, every single one of my (targeted) friends has already received their copy of David Keil’s new book, Functional Anatomy of Yoga, and is busily devouring.

    Still, I’ll assume there’s at least a few of you out there who, for some reason unbeknownst to me, has yet to order. It’s hard for me to imagine this, but stranger things have happened, I suppose.

    Or not happened, as this case may be.

    But now that I think more about it, maybe this book isn’t for you … I mean, just maybe there are some of you who actually shouldn’t add this to your library. In fact, I’ll try to imagine who you are and therefore save you the trouble and the expense.

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    Review from Claudia Altucher at Ashtanga Yoga Mother Earth

    “I just interviewed David Keil for “The Yoga Podcast’ (launching in January- He will be the guest of the first episode).

    To prepare for the podcast, I read very carefully his latest book “Functional Anatomy Of Yoga, A Guide For Practitioners and Teachers”.

    And I also watched all his DVDs again.

    That was a LOT of anatomy in one week!

    My copy before I filled it with
    And I have to tell you it had a PROFOUND effect on me.”

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    Review from Anthony Hall AKA Grimmly at Slow Ashtanga…

    “This is not so much a review as a guided flick through the book, there is no LOOK INSIDE feature on Amazon as yet, so this will perhaps suffice for the time being and perhaps help you decide if you’d like to pick up a copy.

    There are however some excellent images from the book on David’s web page as well product details, 336 pages, 10.8 x 8.4 x 0.6 inches, that kind of thing, and also interviews with David about the book.

    Before we take a look, let me say right off that I think it’s an excellent book. If you’ve seen any of David’s video’s on youtube or have his DVDs ( HIGHLY recommended) then you’ll know that David has a gift for explaining anatomy, probably because he helps us to see why it’s useful to know this stuff and that keeps us listening. You’ll be glad to know that he writes in the same way he speaks/teaches.”

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