Sternocleidomastoid muscle - SCM Muscle

Sternocleidomastoid Muscle

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This month David is highlighting the sternoleidomastoid (SCM) muscles in the neck. These muscles are important for both stabilization and movement of the neck. Take a look at where these muscle attach, what actions they do, and how they are used in yoga practice.

Tensor fasciae latae muscle

Tensor Fascia Latae Muscle and the Iliotibial Band

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This month I’m highlighting a unique muscle, the tensor fascia latae along with its related structure, the iliotibial band. This is one of the muscles responsible for abduction at the hip. It can also affect movement at the knee through its connection to the iliotibial band. Take a look at where this muscle attaches, what actions it does, and how it is used in yoga practice.