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“Einstein said, ‘The definition of genius is
taking something complex and making it simple’
that is what David has done here with this book.” – Gina

Yoga Practitioner?

Learn about the function of your body during practice. Connect and integrate postures in a completely new way.

Yoga Teacher?

Understand your students better and confidently help them understand their bodies and prevent injury.

Yoga Studio?

Get the most readable yoga anatomy book for your store or your teacher training program. 

I wrote this book for you

I know you want to learn anatomy. I have seen plenty of people struggle with the way other yoga anatomy books are written. They often have images of postures and muscles that should be contracting or lengthening, leading to rote memorization.

This book is different. This yoga anatomy book teaches concepts and principles that help you understand anatomy and make you a more confident practitioner and/or teacher. When I wrote this yoga anatomy book, my over arching idea was to write one that people would actually read, enjoy, and understand!

This is not another yoga anatomy book that will sit on your shelf unread. Instead, it’s one that you’ll want to read cover to cover!

Buy a copy today and experience anatomy in a completely new way.

Deepen Your Yoga Practice

Be a More Confident Teacher

Perfect for Teacher Trainings

“I never thought I would say this about an Anatomy book but, I love this book!!!”
– Shawn

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This yoga anatomy book is different. It’s written in a conversational tone, as if you and I were sitting together and having a chat. That’s not to say that the concepts and principles are dumbed down. Not at all. They’re just explained well and in a way that you can understand and apply to your own practice or teaching.

The book is divided into two sections with a total of 383 pages. The first section takes you through the anatomy step by step, explaining function, dysfunction, and how the parts and pieces are integrated so that you have a more holistic perspective that goes beyond the basics of rote learning.

The second half of the book takes a completely new approach. Instead of breaking down individual postures with a bunch of lines linked to muscles, I bring it alive! I explain how the postures are linked together with anatomical patterns. What do all forward bends have in common? What do backbends have in common? What do arm balances have in common? And it doesn’t end there. When you understand the commonality of a particular group of postures, what you understand about one, applies to all.

Both sections of the book include beautiful custom made color illustrations that fill this yoga anatomy book. Buy your copy now and experience anatomy in a completely new way.

As a bonus – Get free shipping in the US and UK.

 “Finally an anatomy book that provides down to earth information. David explains the how and why the body works in the yoga practice. I have taken anatomy classes as part of teacher training and have gotten more from reading this book. Well done!”

– Gary

 “David makes the information so accessible. He has a conversational writing style, and organizes the information in such a way that you are not overwhelmed, and easily “get it”. I have struggled for years reading about anatomy, and attending workshops on anatomy, but finally “broke through” with David’s help…”

– Barbara

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