Sit Bone Pain – 2017 Update

There have been a couple of overlapping issues to the original article on Sit Bone Pain. It just shows that whatever the issue, problem, or pain is… it can be coming from a number of different places. Figuring it out isn’t always so easy. We also naturally try to come to some conclusion about what is going on and sometimes wrongly assume that all, in this case, sit bone pain is created equally.

Got Sit Bone Pain? – What To Do With That Hamstring © 2010

I was in the DC area this month and saw a student that I knew from a previous workshop. At that time Patricia had recently “pulled a hamstring”. Her major symptom was sit bone pain (sit bone = ischial tuberosity) when folding forward, secondary was that it would also hurt when sitting for long periods, especially in the car. I saw her just a couple of weeks ago and she still had the same pain.

Working With Wrist Pain in Yoga?

Wrist pain in yoga is fairly common. There are many considerations when evaluating pain and/or injury of the wrist during a yoga practice. The first things to investigate are the student’s personal circumstances surrounding the wrist pain or problems.

Can Yoga Practice Reduce Neck Pain?

David summarizes recent research that suggests that yoga practice may reduce chronic, non-specific neck pain for some practitioners, but not others.

Inner Knee Pain – Lotus Not Blooming by David Keil © 2010

As much as I’ve already written about the knee, it never seems to be enough. I often take a poll in workshops when heading into the knee section and on most occasions one quarter to half the students will raise their hands when asked how many people are experiencing knee pain? This isn’t necessarily a yoga problem, but it’s showing up there. Of those students that raise their hand, many of them are dealing with inner knee pain.