Ashtanga Vinyasa Count Workshop

The Ashtanga Vinyasa Count Workshop is about understanding how to use the count as a mechanism for bringing focus and clarity to the practice. Like a mantra, the count can be used to hold the mind steady on one thread during the practice.

Topics Covered:

Count the vinyasa of key postures
Learn how to use the count for focus
How the count connects us to the Ashtanga lineage
How the vinyasa krama regulates the breath

The main components of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice are described as the tristana, meaning the synergistic quality of asana, breath, bandha, and dristhi. Underlying correct breathing is a structured framework known as the vinyasa krama (count). Many people seem to know what vinyasa is, but few are familiar with the word krama. Krama means process, order, or succession. The breath coordinated process or order of movements is the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga method’s core.

If you can understand this layer of the practice, a whole new level of discipline and focus can be accessed. A new appreciation for the method, its intricacies, and what you’re doing relative to the practice will be understood.

In this workshop, we will spend time learning how to count. We will learn how to use the count within the practice to bring yet another level of focus and depth to what we’re doing.

The intention is not that everyone leaves being able to count the whole of primary series. Instead, we plant a seed of inquiry and provide just enough experience that one can go off and learn the count if they choose.