Ashtanga Yoga Bandha Workshop

The bandhas are elusive and subtle. Gain greater understanding and perspective by working with techniques to access bandhas physically, mentally, and energetically. Observe the powerful effect of this work on your practice!

Topics Covered:

Define what the bandhas are
Techniques to implement bandhas in your practice
See relationship between breath & bandha
Elements of practice to access the qualities of the bandhas
Differentiate between physical and energetic aspects of bandhas

The bandhas can be an elusive aspect of practice. They’re subtle components of the energetic body, which itself can be a challenging concept to grasp. Bandhas can be explored theoretically, energetically, and also physically. What if there were a physical part of bandhas that you could access and you knew what these physical access points were? In the Ashtanga Yoga Bandha Workshop, we’ll work with the physical access of bandhas and relate that to what we understand them to be theoretically and energetically. Looking at the mysterious bandhas from these different points of view will absolutely help you to employ them in your practice. If you can access them, your practice will come from the inside out and be more energetic in nature.

In the Ashtanga Yoga Bandha Workshop, we will first take a broad perspective of what the purpose of yoga asana is and how bandhas fit into it. In order to do this, we will look at the physical aspects of the bandhas as well as access points in the practice. We’ll then explore how breathing relates to creating the energetic fuel for the bandhas. All of this will be employed through practical exercises to have an experience with.