Ashtanga Yoga Primary
Series Workshop

The Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series Workshop is designed to build efficiency of breath and movement. In this workshop you will be led through the sequence using the traditional vinyasa count of the primary series.

Topics Covered:

Understand the vinyasa count
Be guided with the Sanskrit count
Explore the potential for efficiency of breath & movement
Gain appreciation of the Ashtanga tradition

The traditional purpose of the led class is to direct a large number of students through a series that they are familiar with. Ashtanga has an ideal number of inhalations and exhalations done in certain places with associated movements. The led class offers an opportunity to clarify where those breaths, ideally, should be and to challenge yourself to practice within that structure.

The idea is that the teacher is like a conductor of an orchestra, keeping pace and rhythm for the entire group. This happens through what is known as vinyasa krama or vinyasa counting. Sanskrit is the language of our teachers from India and the entire class is counted in Sanskrit, including the names of the postures.

This is a very traditional rendition of the Ashtanga Yoga primary series that will inspire discipline, focus, and an awareness of your breath like you’ve probably never experienced. This workshop is Not for complete beginners.