Ashtanga Yoga Technique Workshop

This workshop is about understanding the most difficult asanas in the Ashtanga yoga practice and working with techniques to evolve them in your practice.

Topics Covered:

Understand the anatomy and context of the most difficult asanas
Learn techniques to safely progress in the most challenging asanas
Break down marichyasana D
Break down backbending
Break down supta kurmasana
Break down lotus and related postures

Everyone has postures that challenge them. Many students have difficulties in certain sections of practice, particularly with postures such as marichyasana D, supta kurmasana, lotus, and backbending.

Awareness of the structure of the anatomy, as well as knowledge of the meaning of these postures, can help us move forward in a safe and intelligent way. When we’re informed in this way, we keep the poses in context. We understand why we need to do them, what they represent to us personally, and what purpose they have within the system. This helps us avoid injuries and stay motivated to work on challenging postures.

Students are encouraged to bring their own areas for discussion. By default, we’ll discuss hips, knees, back, and spine and the difficult postures that go along with them.

This workshop will have some theoretical components as well as many practical techniques and exercises to work on the more difficult parts of practice.