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Injuries In Yoga Adjustments: What Are Practitioners Experiencing?

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Injuries In Yoga Adjustments: What Are Practitioners Experiencing? Most respondents reported experiencing hands-on adjustments as “Very Helpful” and did not report getting injured while receiving an adjustment. A small percentage of respondents reported an injury while being adjusted, primarily in poses that put pressure into tenuous structures in the body, like the knee joint or in proximal attachment of the hamstrings.

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Yoga Adjustments and Good Body Mechanics

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Positioning yourself relative to the person you’re adjusting is one place where good body mechanics show up. Depending on your own height and size, you will probably have to adapt your position in an adjustment to your student’s height and size. It’s easier to adapt if you are taller, because you can always bend your knees or kneel on the floor if the other person is shorter than you. It is more difficult to position yourself well when you’re vertically challenged and you want to adjust someone who is particularly tall. In this case, good body mechanics might mean a lighter touch and more verbal cues than physical adjustments.