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Fingers Pointing Away In Purvottanasana?

David Keil Anatomy, Upper Limb, Your Questions 1 Comment

Good morning David. Greetings from New Zealand. A little advice please. What do you think of purvottanasana with fingers pointing away from the body? I’ve always been taught fingers pointing towards the body. Look forward to hearing from you.

P.S. The question arises because recently one of my students insisted on doing the yoga posture with fingers pointing away as it was easier for her.

Anatomy Question #1

David Keil Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Your Questions 3 Comments

Since I’ve been here at Purple Valley I’ve been asked a couple of questions regarding anatomy or truly as a result of some little pain that has popped up for someone.

I never advertise that I am here to answer your anatomy questions… unless of course I’m doing an anatomy or yoga workshop. Dare I say, I even hide a little bit when not, this is countered with my desire to help anyone (if I can) that asks.

So, a girl approached me with some pain in the back of her knee, at least that’s how she described it. When probed further, the pain was approximately 2 to 3 inches above the actual joint. In my mind this pretty much ruled out meniscus or ligamentous pain. Upon palpation of the tender area, it turned out to be the tendon of the most lateral hamstring muscle called biceps femoris.