The Gluteus Medius Muscle

Gluteus Medius Muscle

Christine Wiese Anatomy, Lower Limb 1 Comment

This month I’m highlighting the gluteus medius muscle. This is one of the muscles responsible for stabilization and abduction at the hip. Take a look at where this muscle attaches, what actions it does, and how it is used in yoga practice.

sit bone pain yoga anatomy

Sit Bone Pain – 2017 Update

David Keil Anatomy, Lower Limb, Yoga Injuries 48 Comments

There have been a couple of overlapping issues to the original article on Sit Bone Pain. It just shows that whatever the issue, problem, or pain is… it can be coming from a number of different places. Figuring it out isn’t always so easy. We also naturally try to come to some conclusion about what is going on and sometimes wrongly assume that all, in this case, sit bone pain is created equally.