The Quadriceps Muscles

The Quadriceps Muscles

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The last three quadriceps muscles are this months muscle(s) of the month. We put them together because these three out of four have similar action and attachments. That is, they are dedicated to the action of straightening the knee (extension).

The Rectus Femoris Muscle Attachments

The Rectus Femoris Muscle

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The rectus femoris muscle is one of the four muscles that makes up the quadricep group of muscles. This is the only one that crosses the hip joint and therefore is related to tight hip flexors. Personally, I have come to find that it is critical in allowing the pelvis to move during backbends.

The Gastrocnemius Muscles

Flexed or Extended Foot in Lotus Posture

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I’ve been hearing for years that we should flex our foot in various yoga postures where we have our knees bent at ninety degrees or more. More recently I’ve received two seperate emails regarding the application of this technique to lotus posture. Should the foot be flexed or extended in padmasana? It’s time I throw in my own two-cents on this topic. As many of you know, I’m for whatever works. If it helps when you flex your foot, then the answer is flex your foot. But why does this work? Is it necessary?

To Squeeze or Not to Squeeze? Upward Facing Dog

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This month’s newsletter article comes out of a recent trip to the Midwest. I was at a new studio with new students and hosts. This piece is actually a request from one of the hosts, Evan at Tapas Yoga Shala. The question arose; Should we squeeze or not squeeze our butt in upward facing dog? As always on the first day of practice, I mostly watch and get a sense for what I want to work on with any of the students over the course of the 5 days of mysore classes.