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Injuries In Yoga Adjustments: What Are Practitioners Experiencing?

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Injuries In Yoga Adjustments: What Are Practitioners Experiencing? Most respondents reported experiencing hands-on adjustments as “Very Helpful” and did not report getting injured while receiving an adjustment. A small percentage of respondents reported an injury while being adjusted, primarily in poses that put pressure into tenuous structures in the body, like the knee joint or in proximal attachment of the hamstrings.

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Assessing the Impacts of Yoga Asana – Survey Summary

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The Yoga Anatomy Research Project (YARP) – This first post lays out the fundamental information that we gathered. It is our intention to use this data to inform the yoga community at large about people’s experience of practicing yoga asana. Further, we will start to build correlations between basic information such as age, time of practice and the reported outcomes from the practice.

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Sit Bone Pain – 2017 Update

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There have been a couple of overlapping issues to the original article on Sit Bone Pain. It just shows that whatever the issue, problem, or pain is… it can be coming from a number of different places. Figuring it out isn’t always so easy. We also naturally try to come to some conclusion about what is going on and sometimes wrongly assume that all, in this case, sit bone pain is created equally.