Yoga Anatomy Articles

Yoga postures deserve better explanations than what muscle should contract and which should relax or stretch. Yoga postures are dynamic and always in a state of process. Check out handstands, sun salutations, padmasana, upward dog, and down dog.

The yoga anatomy articles are organized into categories such as,  Injuries PosturesYour Questions Yoga Anatomy Yoga Injuries Research , Ashtanga Yoga Research , and even  Yoga Adjustments.

They are also broken down more specifically by muscles, bandhas, breathing, sit bone pain, shoulders, psoas, and knee pain.


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Padmasana Article

The basic goal of all the asana practice is finding and maintaining a comfortable padmasana (lotus pose) for meditation. There…
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The Shoulder Joint In Chaturanga: Who Are You Going To Blame?

Learn more about the shoulder joint in chaturanga. Find out what your shoulder joint is doing in chaturanga and how…
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Inner Knee Pain – Lotus Not Blooming By David Keil © 2010

Find our why inner knee pain is often related to doing lotus posture. Learn about pain on the inside, outside,…
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Simple Preparation for Lotus Posture – Video

This is a simple and effective way to stretch the right muscles for lotus posture, which helps reduce potential for…
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So, You Wanna Do A handstand…

Want to do a handstand? This article explains some anatomical patterns required to establish the foundation for a handstand in…