Simple Preparation for Lotus Posture – Video

Work your lotus posture

I videotaped this some time ago and finally finished the edits. It was part of an experiment to see how easily I could deal with subject matter that seems to be missing out there. Lotus pose is one of those subjects that I think could be presented in ways that are more clear and concise. After all, the lotus yoga posture is seen as the penultimate of yogic postures.

I’ve watched many students attempt padmasana, or lotus posture when teaching yoga and anatomy workshops. And, I notice that people aren’t focused on opening the areas which would be most effective for making space for the knees and ankles in a lotus posture.

In the video, I offer a preparation as an experiment. Treat it like one and see what happens.

Where does pain or pressure in lotus come from?

If you are experiencing knee pain, it’s most likely related to your hip joint. When you feel pressure between your shins, it’s also related to tension in your hips. If your ankles hurt, it’s also related to tension coming from your hips. Many people are focused on their adductors. But, I think most of the restriction actually comes from the deeper muscles in the buttocks as I show in the video.

The prep that I use here lengthens the deep 6 external rotators as well as gluteus minimus and gluteus medius. When we put our leg into the configuration that you see in the video we put pressure on and “stretch” these tissues. Most people will feel the pressure in the buttocks of the leg that has the foot on top. I have however seen exceptions to this. In my mind, the stretch will simply show you where you have the most amount of tension. If you have a tighter right hip, it’s possible that you will feel the sensation in the right buttocks regardless of which leg is on top. You’ll be an exception but it’s certainly possible.

Please use common sense and adapt the preparation sequence as you need to for your own body. I can’t deal with every situation if it’s not in front of me.

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