Yoga Breathing Improves Health

Why Does Yoga Breathing Improve Our Health?

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David summarizes research which suggests that activity by the parasympathetic nervous system, specifically the vagal nerve, is involved when we see the beneficial heart rate variability increase that occurs at low breathing rates like the type of breathing rates that would occur in yogic breathing practices.

The Vagus Nerve

How Does Yoga Work?

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Researchers propose a model which suggests that yoga and other contemplative practices work by using specifically regulated breathing techniques (low respiration rate, long exhalations) which stimulate the vagal nerve, and in that way, positively affect the parasympathetic nervous system.

The Scalene Muscles

Scalene Muscles

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This month David is highlighting the scalene muscles. They work to stabilize and move the neck. They also assist as secondary respiratory muscles! Take a look at where these muscle attach, what actions they do, and how they are used in yoga practice.

The Scalene Muscles

Breathing in Yoga: Is there a Right and Wrong Way?

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We shouldn’t take it lightly when we ask or direct people to breathe in very specific ways. Breathing is personal to all of us. There may be long standing physical patterns, emotions, or trauma mixed into the way we breathe. We should be aware that breathing in different ways has different affects on us. The rate of inhalation can be stimulating, agitating, or calming.