Yoga Anatomy Articles

The yoga anatomy articles are organized into categories such as,  Injuries PosturesYour Questions Yoga Anatomy Yoga Injuries Research , Ashtanga Yoga Research , and even  Yoga Adjustments.

They are also broken down more specifically by muscles, bandhas, breathing, sit bone pain, shoulders, psoas, and knee pain.


Featured image for “Forward Folds With A Rounded Spine?”

Forward Folds With A Rounded Spine?

Should we be rounding our spine when we do forward bends? Well, do you want a traditional answer or an…
Featured image for “Si Joint and Hamstring Relationship”

Si Joint and Hamstring Relationship

An imbalance of tension between the hamstrings on the right and left sides can lead to pelvic imbalances. This can…
Featured image for “Why The Emphasis On Forward Bending?”

Why The Emphasis On Forward Bending?

In this question of the month a student asked why there is such an emphasis on forward bending and stretching…
Featured image for “Sun Salutations – Part 3 – The Forward Fold”

Sun Salutations – Part 3 – The Forward Fold

In part 3 of the Sun Salutation series we look at the forward fold that happens after you raise your…
Featured image for “Practicing Yoga With A Herniated Disc?”

Practicing Yoga With A Herniated Disc?

If you are practicing yoga with a herniated disc, there are some very specific dos and don’ts. Be careful and…
Featured image for “Working With Sit Bone Pain and Achy Hamstrings”

Working With Sit Bone Pain and Achy Hamstrings

I want to share with you an exercise that I regularly do with students who are dealing with achy hamstrings…