Yoga Anatomy Articles

The yoga anatomy articles are organized into categories such as,  Injuries PosturesYour Questions Yoga Anatomy Yoga Injuries Research , Ashtanga Yoga Research , and even  Yoga Adjustments.

They are also broken down more specifically by muscles, bandhas, breathing, sit bone pain, shoulders, psoas, and knee pain.


Featured image for “The Pubococcygeal Muscle (PC Muscle)”

The Pubococcygeal Muscle (PC Muscle)

This month I highlight the pubococcygeal muscles, or PC muscles. Learn where these pelvic floor muscles are found, what they…
Featured image for “Your Core Muscles – Deeper Than You Think”

Your Core Muscles – Deeper Than You Think

Understanding the core muscles of the body is essential for any type of movement. In yoga it overlaps with strength,…
Featured image for “Breathing In Yoga: Is There A Right And Wrong Way?”

Breathing In Yoga: Is There A Right And Wrong Way?

Is there a right and wrong way for us to be breathing in yoga? Learn more about breathing to help…
Featured image for “How Breathing Leads To Bandhas © 2010”

How Breathing Leads To Bandhas © 2010

Bandhas seem elusive. Breathing with the diaphragm, mental intention, and focus is the way to develop a relationship with our…
Featured image for “Mula Bandha Anatomically Speaking By David Keil © 2010”

Mula Bandha Anatomically Speaking By David Keil © 2010

Which muscles actually form mula bandha? Find out how this relates to breathing and the evolution of mula bandha in…