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The yoga anatomy articles are organized into categories such as, InjuriesPosturesYour QuestionsYogaAnatomyYoga Anatomy Research Project, and even Yoga Adjustments.

They are also broken down more specifically by muscles, bandhas, breathing, sit bone pain, shoulders, psoas, and knee pain.


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Anatomy Of The Knee

The anatomy of the knee is unique among our joints. Find out how our knee anatomy affects knee function in…
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Is Lotus Pose Anatomically Possible?

David explains the kinds of range of motion necessary to do full lotus pose. He shares that, while often challenging,…
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Should I Be Opening My Knees for Lotus?

This month, David answers a question about whether you should open your knees for lotus? You shouldn’t, you should focus…
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Knee Injuries in Yoga: When Are Your Knees Most at Risk?

When are yoga practitioners most at risk for knee injuries? David reports on the experiences of our survey of 2000+…
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Lotus – Right Leg First?

There are two answers to the question of whether we should always put our right foot into lotus first? One…
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Why Is Doing Lotus Pose Upside Down Easier?

I currently have left medial knee pain when attempting full lotus pose so for now I only take things as…
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Flexed or Extended Foot in Lotus Posture

I’ve been hearing for years that we should flex our foot in various yoga postures where we have our knees…
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Padmasana Article

The basic goal of all the asana practice is finding and maintaining a comfortable padmasana (lotus pose) for meditation. There…
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Inner Knee Pain – Lotus Not Blooming by David Keil © 2010

Find our why inner knee pain is often related to doing lotus posture. Learn about pain on the inside, outside,…
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Simple Preparation for Lotus Posture – Video

This is a simple and effective way to stretch the right muscles for lotus posture, which helps reduce potential for…