Final Sharath Conference

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I thought I’d share my final thoughts on the Sharath Conferences at Purple Valley in Goa.

In the last week Sharath’s family arrived. It was definitely very sweet to see the kids running around and calling sharath Appa (father). Although it added something sweet to the conferences, it made them a bit distracting and unfocused.

Sharath Conference

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Conference. was actually on the 20th.

We have conference 3 times a week on various topics but they started in a logical place, with the eight limbs.

They’ve all been quite good but today’s in particular stood out. Sharath has shown himself to be on the path to being a yoga scholar, like his grandfather before him. During the course of the conference today, Sharath was talking about Guruji and how he always talked about his teacher. That everything came from Krishnamacharya, not from him. He was talking about his relative to other teachers who only talk about themselves and what they’ve created.