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The yoga anatomy articles are organized into categories such as,  Injuries PosturesYour Questions Yoga Anatomy Yoga Injuries Research , Ashtanga Yoga Research , and even  Yoga Adjustments.

They are also broken down more specifically by muscles, bandhas, breathing, sit bone pain, shoulders, psoas, and knee pain.


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Sciatica, Piriformis Syndrome, And Yoga

Learn the difference between sciatica, piriformis syndrome, and other sources of sciatica-like pain. Find out when yoga can be helpful.…
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The Gluteus Minimus Muscle

Gluteus minimus is this month’s muscle of the month. All of the basics are covered here: where it attaches, what…
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The Deltoid Muscle

The deltoid muscle is the latest Muscle of the Month here on Where does the name come from? Where…
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What Are Trigger Points?

Trigger points are extremely common. It is essential to know about them if you assess students complaining about chronic or…
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The Piriformis Muscle

The piriformis muscle is very popular and it is this month’s Muscle of the Month. Here is a nice and…
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Quadratus Lumborum

Quadratus lumborum is a popular muscle and talked about often. Details about quadratus lumborum are discussed in a way that…