David KeilAdjustment DVD Feedback

Given the limitations of the format, I think David presents a good look at adjustments, using different bodies at different levels of ability to show how to deal with the variety of people that we come across, day to day, as teachers. It would be impossible to cover the full range of modifications needed for every individual on a DVD as everybody is different, and to expect that would be unrealistic. I don’t get the impression that David is even attempting to offer a definitive and complete guide to adjustment, rather a very useful learning resource that we can use to further our own development. Certainly,a qualified teacher should already know the basic modifications for stiff hips/backs/necks etc. It is clear that David teaches Astanga style yoga, and so he is adjusting asana achieved through that method, although the principles can apply across the board. David clearly has an in-depth knowledge of anatomy which shines through. One may not always agree with certain elements, as we all have our own take on a particular asana – that’s the yoga of it! – but as a learning resource, this DVD would be a good investment, and I recommend it to any yoga teacher seeking to continue their learning journey.