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Anatomy and Muscle Function

The Anatomy and Muscle Function online course is designed to teach you the main muscles of the human body, including origin, insertion, and action.

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Exploring Drop-backs Online Workshop

Yoga drop-backs are complicated but can be empowering when you get them right. Learn the common mistakes and their solutions.

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Student On A Teacher Training? Register Here

This course guides you through the most important parts of the anatomy in an easy to use format.

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4 Week Yoga Biz Masterclass

January is the time to set your intention for the rest of the year. Join us for 4 skype calls that will get you started this year!

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Working With Yoga Injuries: A Workshop

Knowing how to work with yoga injuries is difficult. That’s why we developed a yoga injuries workshop that walks you through a method that you can apply to any injury or pain.

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Online Comprehensive Yoga Anatomy Course

The Comprehensive Yoga Anatomy Course will deepen your understanding of Anatomy as it applies to yoga. This is our most comprehensive and inclusive course that will take you on a journey through your anatomy.

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How To Practice and Teach Lotus: A Workshop

Our online lotus pose workshop teaches you the anatomy of lotus, techniques to access the pose at every stage, and even what to do with knee pain.

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Online Yoga Anatomy Course for Teacher Trainings – 300 Hour

This course guides your students further and helps them relate the anatomical patterns into the practice of yoga.

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Running a Teacher Training? Online Anatomy Course

Our online course teaches anatomy for you. Your students work at a pace that leads to better retention than being overwhelmed in a single weekend.

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Online Yoga Anatomy Course – Basics of Applied Anatomy

The Basics of Applied Anatomy course will get you up to speed by teaching you the fundamental information needed to apply anatomy to yoga postures and your practice.

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Yoga Adjustments Video

This workshop creates a context for safe, effective, and appropriate adjustments. It then takes those principle and applies them to 45 different postures.

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Yoga Anatomy Video

This workshop is designed to guide you through the most important parts of anatomy as they relate to yoga.

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