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Do you want to learn a process for:

Seeing your students’ anatomy in postures?
How to work with injuries?
Seeing relationships between postures?
Breaking down postures anatomically?
Understanding what yoga does physiologically?

This is a live 50-hour online advanced teacher training.

All videos will be recorded and accessible for one year!

Online zoom

Real-time interaction
Replay of videos
Time for questions
Group-learning experience

Offline assignments

Reinforce learning
Support learning with real-life examples from your classes
Test your understanding with quizzes

Over three months

Apply what you learn to your students
Integrate the information as a teacher
Get feedback on assignments

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Advanced principles applied to postures

Each of these principles will be applied throughout the course.

See your students' anatomy in postures

Learning to recognize what you’re already seeing in the human body is a skill. We will work on this skill throughout the course. I will share various exercises to teach you how to see and to recognize what is important about what you see.

Learn how to work with injuries

Understanding and working with injuries is complicated. What is okay to do and not do once there is an injury? How do we prevent injuries from happening in the first place? On this topic, I will teach you a system that you can use to determine how to work with students who have an injury.

See anatomical relationships between postures

There are many postures that are related to one another. I will help you learn to see meaningful patterns of movement and understand how they connect one posture to another. Seeing these patterns of movement will help you understand more clearly the relationship between postures. This will ultimately teach you how to guide students to see these connections as well.

Learn the anatomical breakdown of postures

Knowing what muscles are engaged, short, long, stretched, etc., is important as an underlying principle of applying anatomy to yoga. During the course, we will dip in and out of this topic as we work through groups of postures. We won't just name the muscles. We'll explore the more complex interactions and interrelationships between muscles as we go beyond the idea that a muscle is either simply working or lengthening.

Understand what yoga does physiologically

The research on yoga has been growing by the day. We know yoga works and makes a difference in our lives. But how does that happen? What mechanisms within our physiology are affected by our various practices? Should this affect how we teach and what we teach? We'll discuss these questions throughout this course.

  • We will also work with the connection between concentration/meditation and the practice of yoga asana
  • Throughout the course you we will unpack my own philosophy of teaching and help you deepen your understanding of how to cultivate your own philosophy.
  • We will discuss breathing in a variety of ways and how it ties practice together with concentration, mindfulness, and the nervous system.

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Course Outline

Meet and Greet - April 1 09:00 EST
In our first meeting, we will take approximately one hour to meet each other and work out any technical bugs that may show up ahead of our first day of content.
Introduction and Course Overview

Module 1 - Creating a Container and Context
In this module we will establish, as a group, the context in which modern yoga lives. And, we will assess our place within that context. From there we will begin a process of thinking about who we are and how we want to present yoga to our own communities. David will ease us into a way of using anatomy to tailor our way of thinking about our practice and teaching yoga.
Reading Assignments
Videos to Watch
Homework Assignments

Module 2 - Learning to See and Forward Bends
In this module we will learn a process for becoming more aware of what is right in front of us. Practically speaking, this is about learning to see the anatomy in a yoga posture. If you want to change it, you have to see it first. In addition to this, we are going to review some anatomy that we can then apply to forward bends. This module will start us down the path of applying all of the big picture concepts to a group of related postures, forward bends.
Reading Assignments
Videos to Watch
Homework Assignments

Module 3 - Forward Bends and BackbendsIn this module, we will wrap up the pattern of forward bending and move onto backends! First, we'll look at the most relevant and important pieces of anatomy related to backends and the spine. From there, we will use our eyes to observe the most common patterns. We will also look at common injuries and how to work with backbends.
Reading Assignments
Videos to Watch
Homework Assignments

Module 4 - Arm Balances and TwistsIn this module we will cover key anatomical concepts that will allow us to fully understand arm balances and what it takes to do them safely and effectively. On day two of this module we will look at the anatomy of twisting. We will cover some important pieces of anatomy followed by an exploration of twisting postures.
Reading Assignments
Videos to Watch
Homework Assignments

Module 5 - External Hip RotationIn this module we are first going to review the anatomy that allows or restricts the fundamental movement of external rotation of the hip joint. After we have the foundation of anatomical information, we'll look at this pattern of movement as it applies to multiple postures which require external rotation of the hip joint.
Reading Assignments
Videos to Watch

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a refund?

Yes, we will offer a refund on this course until its start date which is April 15, 2023. After this date, there will not be any refunds issued. Should you sign up and then change your mind, please email us as soon as possible via the contact page.

What if I miss a class?

Classes will be presented via Zoom. All of them will be recorded and available for one year from the start date.

When do I get access?

We will be providing access to course one week before the course starts. This is simply to allow us time to tailor the content to the group that has come together for this course.

Your purchases are all on the “dashboard” which you are redirected to upon login. If you’re already logged in, the dashboard link is on the right-hand side of the main menu. You will not see this course appear on your dashboard until one week before the start date.