Ready to learn the muscles of the human body?

David Keil's 3D Muscle Lab has the course for you!

  • 79 lessons with video, audio, and multiple quizzes
  • 65 muscles taught through high-quality 3D models
  • Learn the muscle origins, insertions, and actions
  • Memorize with our multiple quizzing styles

After 5 years of patience and work, I am happy to launch 3D Muscle Lab. It’s been a labor of love.

Knowing the muscles of the human body are a fundamental component of understanding the complexity of yoga postures and the various techniques we could apply at any given moment. It is on this foundation that I have built and deepened my exploration of anatomy and of practicing yoga asana.

There is no doubt that I apply this information every time that I teach a yoga class and work with students. Whether they have an injury or are just needing a tailored technique for their body or practice, it is always based on good basic foundation of anatomy.

Now, you too can learn the muscles of the body in detail!

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