Most yoga teachers will never do this comprehensive yoga anatomy course

Here’s Why

Most yoga teachers are satisfied with the little bit of anatomy they got in their teacher training. But maybe you’re different?
    • Are you always asking why?
    • Do you wonder what lies beneath the surface?
    • Do you want to know what makes student’s bodies work differently from one another?
    • Do you appreciate the complexity of both yoga and the human body?
    • Do you want to be an above average teacher?
If you answered yes to any of these questions then you’re in the RIGHT place. The Comprehensive Yoga Anatomy course is for you! We both know that the better you understand anatomy the more you can help your students.

This course includes:

  • 81 Lessons
  • 50+ Hours Yoga Alliance
  • 119 Downloadable Videos
  • 415 Minutes of Video
  • 20 Quizzes
  • 36 Months Access
  • 1 Certificate of Completion
  • 40 Activities to Follow
"The Comprehensive Anatomy course was absolutely amazing, very accessible and efficient way to do a course online and it made a difficult subject so much more easy and fun to understand."
ariane pieper
Ariane Pieper
Yoga Instructor

Go Deeper

This course is designed as a comprehensive look at anatomy related to yoga asana. We’ll go from learning anatomical language to applying anatomical concepts to complex yoga poses and we’ll cover everything in between.

Ultimately it is my goal not to just share a bunch of anatomical sound bites, but instead to share a way of observing and thinking critically about what you see.

"David Keil's Comprehensive Anatomy Course was excellent. Together with his book it has deeply increased my knowledge and understanding of human anatomy thereby informing my teaching and helping me to resolve the physical issues my students are dealing with."
Gwyneth Saxton

Online Comprehensive Yoga Anatomy Course outline:

  • Module 1
    Introduction to the Comprehensive Yoga Anatomy Course
  • Module 2
    Fundamental Anatomical Concepts
  • Module 3
    Connective Tissue & Muscular System
  • Module 4
    The Nervous & Skeletal System
  • Module 5
    The Foot and Ankle
  • Module 6
    The Knee Joint
  • Module 7
    The Hip Joint
  • Module 8
    Psoas, The Pelvis, and the SI Joint
  • Module 9
    Anatomy of Energetics: Breath & Bandha
  • Module 10
    The Spinal Column
  • Module 11
    The Shoulder Girdle
  • Module 12
    The Hand, Wrist, and Elbow
  • Module 13
    Anatomy of Forward Bending and Variations
  • Module 14
    Common Patterns in Forward Bending
  • Module 15
    Anatomy of External Hip Rotation
  • Module 16
    External Rotation in Lotus & Leg Behind Head
  • Module 17
    Anatomy of Twisting
  • Module 18
    Variations on Seated Twists
  • Module 19
    Anatomy of Arm Balancing
  • Module 20
    Taking Arm Balancing Upside Down
  • Module 21
    Anatomy of Backbending and Patterns in Upward Facing Dog

A comprehensive approach to learning anatomy for exceptional yoga teachers


"As a plastic surgeon, ashtanga teacher, and student I can say that this course is unique and bring a deep understanding of the anatomy for yogis."
"I really liked this course because it is referring to all the fundamental parts of the body and the ones we use the most in yoga. It has really helped me to start teaching and I am really grateful."
"The Comprehensive Yoga Anatomy course launched my “nuts and bolts” understanding of anatomy from the yoga tool box, to the actual use and building of a yoga posture, a practice, and to an applicable understanding."
ReBeca Drury, BS, MA, ND
Certified Traditional Naturopath

You'll need a copy of Functional Anatomy of Yoga with this course

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