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If you’re registered on a 200-hour Teacher Training program that is using our online yoga anatomy course, you’re in the right place! Functional Anatomy of Yoga is required and sold separately.

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OLD Yoga Alliance Standards

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This course includes:

56 Lessons in 11 Modules
20 Hours Yoga Alliance
10 Reading Assignments
12 Months of Access
10 Quizzes
1 Certificate of Completion
Discussion Questions
Module 1Introduction and Overview of Course

Module 2Connective Tissue and Muscular System

Module 3The Nervous System & Neuromuscular Principles

Module 4The Foot and Ankle

Module 5The Knee Joint

Module 6The Hip Joint

Module 7The Psoas, Pelvis, and SI Joint

Module 8Anatomy of Energetics: Breath & Bandha

Module 9The Spine

Module 10The Shoulder Girdle

Module 11The Hand, Wrist, and Elbow

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