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If you’re registered on a 200-hour Teacher Training program that is using our online yoga anatomy course, you’re in the right place! Functional Anatomy of Yoga is required and sold separately.

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Yoga Alliance Standards

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This course includes:

54 Lessons in 9 Modules
15 Hours Yoga Alliance
40 Videos
12 Reading Assignments
130 Minutes of Video
12 Months of Access
9 Quizzes
1 Certificate of Completion
Discussion Questions
Module 1Anatomy of Forward Bending and Variations

Module 2Common Patterns in Forward Bending

Module 3Anatomy of External Hip Rotation

Module 4External Hip Rotation in Lotus and Leg-Behind Head

Module 5Anatomy of Twisting

Module 6Variations on Seated Twists

Module 7Anatomy of Arm Balancing

Module 8Taking Arm Balancing Upside Down

Module 9Anatomy of Backbending and Setting the Patterns in Upward Facing Dog

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