Need Anatomy On Your Teacher Training?

Or need to take it online?

  • Maybe it's time to try something new
  • Maybe your current anatomy teacher doesn't do yoga and struggles to make anatomy relevant
  • Perhaps your students are overwhelmed after a long weekend of anatomy
  • Perhaps it's your first teacher training
  • Maybe they have a hard time retaining the information

How Your Students Benefit

  • Students must interact with the information (critical to retention)
  • The information is presented as reading, video, and exploration exercises.
  • Students have to think about the information and answer discussion questions.
  • Students must pass all quizzes at 75% or higher.
  • Students bring the information into class and make the connection to how you teach.

What other lead teachers are saying:

online yoga anatomy course

“David Keil’s program should be the new benchmark for anatomy…”
Sonja Ostendorf Kai Yoga Dayton, OH

online yoga anatomy course

“It’s the best thing in Yoga Anatomy next to hosting David…”
-Jacqueline LVYoga Allentown, PA

Our Courses

  • Are designed to Yoga Alliance standards
  • Provide 12 months access to each student
  • Have no registration fee for your TT in our system
  • Allow you to track student progress
  • 20 hour course for RYS 200 ($55 per student)
  • 30 hour course for RYS 200 ($75 per student) Meets NEW Yoga Alliance standards
  • 15 hour course for RYS 300 ($75 per student)
  • Group payment or students pay individually
  • Wholesale prices on required book for course

How It Works

Getting the Hours!

We provide the online portion (non-contact) and help YOU do the 10 contact hours on your own, by using our discussion questions and suggested activities when you meet with your students. Don’t worry, this has worked from the beginning with thousands of students on hundreds of teacher training programs.

  • 30 Hour Anatomy Course (200 level) 20 hours  online – You do 10 contact hours.
  • 20 Hour Anatomy Course (200 level) 10 hours online – You do 10 contact hours.
  • 15 Hour Anatomy Course (300 level) 5-10 hours online – You do 10 contact hours.

Add Our Course To Your Yoga Alliance Application

We give you a course outline, description, hours, bio, and everything you need to add to your Yoga Alliance application.

Sign Up Your Students

Sign them up as a group or have them sign themselves up on our site. Our group registration form is simple to use if you want to purchase the course for your students.

Order Books

The reading assignments in the course come out of Functional Anatomy of Yoga.

Track Student Progress

We have a system that allows you to see how students are progressing in the course as well as what scores they have received on quizzes. This allows you to gently nudge students who are not keeping up with your assignments.

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online yoga anatomy course
“Right away you learn anatomy from a yogic perspective…”
– Suvi Hakala Seasonal Yoga Finland
online yoga anatomy course
“I simply cannot recommend it highly enough…”
-Jo Lockhart Yoga Jo’s Glasgow, UK