Online Yoga Anatomy Course Teacher Reviews

"I simply cannot recommend it highly enough.

online yoga anatomy course

– Jo Lockhart Yoga Jo’s Glasgow, UK

“David Keil’s online yoga anatomy course for teacher trainings has been an invaluable part of the training provided to our 200-hour teacher training program. Not only do I love it as a trainer, because it has made my life a lot easier, and who doesn’t love that, but the students have fed back what a great learning experience it has been for them.

The content of each unit is concise, well presented and focuses on the functional anatomy of yoga. David has a gift for making what can be complex, easy to understand. The way the course is structured is excellent, each unit providing a framework around which lessons can be based. David has even provided helpful suggestions to the trainer for each unit which class discussions can be based on.  This has helped provoke some very interesting discussions.

To top it all off, it’s really easy to use, even for a technophobe like me. I simply cannot recommend it highly enough.”

"I believe David Keil's program should be the new benchmark for anatomy...

online yoga anatomy course

-Sonja Ostendorf Kai Yoga Dayton, OH

YogAnatomy has taken the guessing out of the ‘what to teach’ and created a comprehensive, foundational anatomy course that is geared towards Yogis. The format of the program not only teaches basic anatomy, it does so in a precise, user-friendly manner. It is a well-rounded training program suitable for all types of learners (visual, aural, verbal, solitary, social, logical, as well as physical/kinesthetic). It’s a complete curriculum teaching to all of these learning styles which helps the student build confidence in what they are learning. And that’s what we want, right?

Confident yoga teacher trainees who morph into confident and knowledgeable yoga teachers. The knowledge my students are gaining will serve them and their future students. I believe David Keil’s program should be the new benchmark for anatomy training that all yoga teachers should have in their teaching toolbox. The time and energy the program saves me is now put towards supporting and enriching the anatomy basics my students are learning with David Keil’s program. If you want your Trainees to be confident in the subject of anatomy for the yoga practitioner and teacher, then YogAnatomy’s Online Yoga Anatomy Course is what you should offer in your YTT Program!

"... It's the best thing in yoga anatomy next to hosting David...

online yoga anatomy course

– Jacqueline Porterfield  LV Yoga Studio Allentown, PA

I’m in my 8th year of running Teacher Training and this year, the anatomy portion was made so much easier because of David’s Functional Anatomy of Yoga  book and online yoga anatomy course. My students learned a lot and have actually retained a lot. I think that the retention is a result of their independent study. It made applying the lessons to my teaching asana, assists, and observation of classes more meaningful.

It’s the best thing in Yoga Anatomy training next to actually hosting David at the studio.

"... each year our students confirm their complete satisfaction.

online yoga anatomy course

– Julie Hanson Julie Hanson Yoga Glasgow, UK

We have been holding teacher training courses in the UK since 2003, having had many different approaches to teaching A&P to our students. David’s online yoga anatomy course is without a doubt, the most efficient and effective way of teaching a complex subject to students.

The way he has designed the course is perfect as a gradual learning process throughout the training year – giving the students easy to digest information which falls in line with their evolution as a trainee teacher. They can re-watch and take as much time as they need to study, catering for all learning abilities.

As course facilitators, we are guiding our students into the best anatomy course targeted specifically at yoga and the issues and questions around it – each year our students confirm their complete satisfaction in their feedback.

"... a great compliment to our existing 200-hour program.

online yoga anatomy course

Sharyn Galindo NS Yoga Chicago, IL

The yoga anatomy course for teacher training was a great compliment to our existing 200-hour program. It’s additional anatomy hours that students could do outside of the studio and really enhanced our current curriculum.

"Right away you learn anatomy from a yogic perspective…"

online yoga anatomy course

– Suvi Hakala Seasonal Yoga Finland

The online yoga anatomy course together with the amazing Functional Anatomy of  Yoga book is a very good foundation and inspiration for yoga students.

Right away you learn anatomy from a yogic perspective and you understand how important is to know anatomy to help students to go further in their practice and teaching.