If you want to help your students
You need a process that works
on any injury

In this workshop you learn...

the difference between injury and pain
how to observe and investigate
how to test and modify
how to apply to five common areas

Are you a yoga practitioner?

Understanding why and how injuries can happen can help you prevent injury. Our workshop will also teach you how to work with injuries when they do happen so you can keep your practice evolving.

Are you a yoga teacher?

Our workshop will give you the tools to support your students when they’re experiencing pain or injury. Gain a deeper understanding of the process of working with injuries so you can help students practice safely.

Here's what's covered:

Understand the common reasons that pain and injury occur.
Learn a process to think through how to work intelligently with pain and injury.
Explore the 5 most common pain areas that show up in yoga practice while applying this process: knees, hamstrings, low back, shoulders, and wrists.
Learn to use knowledge of anatomy to inform the patterns of movement you observe.
Understand the process of identifying appropriate modifications for a posture in any situation.


A context for pain and injury
Defining pain and injury
Causative factors
Understanding types of pain
How to start investigating

Knee Pain

3 types of knee pain
What to observe
What types of questions to ask
How to modify
How to follow up with the student

Sit-Bone Pain

Sit-bone, hamstrings, and adductors
Observations to help distinguish the problem
Tests you can do to help
Modifications and why they may help
How to follow up with the student

Low Back Pain

Where low back pain can come from
Learn the best questions to ask
Observe up dog, backbends, and forward bends
How to modify appropriately
Different ways to follow up with the student

Shoulder Pain

Understand what observations are important
Apply observations to 3 simple postures
Closer look at chaturanga
Learn how to modify based on what you learn
How to follow up with the student

Wrist Pain

See the connection between shoulders and wrist
Apply observations to 3 simple postures
A closer look at chaturanga, up dog, and down dog
Learn appropriate modifications

This workshop includes:

1 Online Workshop
6 Downloadable Videos
115 Minutes of Video
1 Yoga Injuries PDF Guide
Lifetime Access
Use for Yoga Alliance Hours

Working with pain and injuries can be intimidating. Maybe you feel like you don’t even know where to start! That’s why I created this workshop.

You don’t need to know everything about anatomy or memorize every modification for every pose to get started. In this yoga injuries workshop, you’ll learn how to ask the right questions to help steer the process of investigation. You’ll learn how to ask questions that will inform your suggestions of how and when to modify postures for pain or injury. Our workshop will help you develop the skills to design the right modification for a pose for each individual student.

You won’t find a one-size-fits-all approach in this workshop! Learn a method for working with each unique student and situation.

Get started increasing your knowledge of working with pain and injury and purchase the yoga injuries workshop today!

This workshop teaches a simple process
that can be applied to any injury.

$75 USD

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