Want a Yoga Anatomy Workshop wherever you are?

Perhaps you need...

Yoga anatomy explained simply
Anatomy you can use right away
A guide through the body

Are you a yoga practitioner?

Be guided through anatomy in a visual and auditory way and make new connections between the anatomy and your practice.

Are you a yoga teacher?

Understand anatomy for your students and confidently help them understand their bodies and prevent injury.

Here's what's covered:

Skeletal and Connective Tissues
Muscle and Nervous System
Anatomy of the foot
Anatomy of the knee
Anatomy of the hip
The Psoas Muscle
Anatomy of the spine
Breath and Bandhas
Anatomy of the shoulder and arm

This workshop includes:

1 Online Workshop
10 Downloadable Videos
240 Minutes of Video
Translated into Español
Lifetime Access
Use for Yoga Alliance Hours

This yoga anatomy video offers just over 4 hours of information. I always present anatomy in a straightforward and down to earth manner that everyone can understand and appreciate.

These videos cover the basics of anatomy such as anatomical position and keywords you hear all the time. It quickly grows from there and covers connective tissue, the skeletal system, the muscular system and the nervous system.

Building from that we move on to major joints and structures. We discuss function as well as common dysfunctions that we find in our yoga practice. We cover the foot, knees, hips, pelvis, the spine, and shoulders. I also discuss the psoas muscle, breathing, and bandhas!

This workshop will take you through anatomy
in a simple and understandable way.

$30 USD

The subject: anatomy, is dry unless you are into it, but David finds a way to make it meaningful from the perspective of a yoga practitioner and for any aspiring or current teacher. He covers a huge amount of territory." - Claudia

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