You love teaching yoga but…

Do you know what numbers matter?
Do you know what makes a successful website?
We made this course to help people just like you.

You’ll build a solid understanding of your finances and learn the essentials of website.

Our Online Course Includes:

Basic Business Concepts
Understanding Basic Finances
Changing Perspective
Getting Organized
Being Professional
Foundations of a Good Website
Creating a Clear Message
Giving Visitors Clear Direction
Simplifying Good Design
Achieving Your Goals

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Here's the Backstory...

I built my own website in 2002 using a program called pagemaker! The web has changed a lot since then and so have I. In 2011, I realized that I was actually running a business. It still feels odd to think of myself as a yoga business owner, but what other words would describe it?

Guy has helped me transform the way I understand how the different elements of my website fit together and allowed ME to share yoga and anatomy with more people, just like you. Now we want to share this information so YOU can share yoga with more people.