Ready to work on your Drop-backs?

Before you’ve experienced your first drop-back they seem impossible. There is a lot going on in a short amount of time. Dropping back can bring up fear. Standing up provides its own technical challenges. However, when you get it right, they can be incredibly powerful and inspiring.

Like any other posture, there are techniques that you can apply that can help you move forward in this complicated set of movements. Some are big changes and sometimes they are subtle changes that make a big difference.

In this workshop, I pack in the last 20 years of working with students in drop-backs. I will clearly point out what the most common mistakes are as well as the most common solutions for those mistakes. You may be surprised to find that some of the most popular instructions may be working against you.

Take this online workshop now and start making your drop-backs feel effortless and more rewarding.

This workshop includes:

1 Online Workshop
4 Downloadable Videos
1 Downloadable PDF
Over 60 Minutes of Video
Lifetime Access
Use for Yoga Alliance Hours

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Are you a yoga practitioner?

Ever dream about what it will be like to relax into a drop-back? This workshop will point out the most common mistakes made by yoga practitioners when they do drop-backs and how to correct for them.

Are you a yoga teacher?

Have you had students stuck either dropping back or standing up? This workshop will help you see the most common mistakes students are making and what type of instructions help different situations.
Gain an understanding of when you or your students are ready to begin working on dropping back.
See examples of real students in class doing different aspects of drop-backs. No, they're not all super bendy!
Learn to identify the most common good and bad patterns that either need to be cultivated or corrected.
Understand the anatomical components behind each of the patterns used in drop-backs.
Figure out which of the patterns most closely relates to what you're working on right now.

Let's transform the way you think about drop-backs!

This workshop is a mixture of David presenting information on camera and iPhone videos from various workshops of real students doing drop-backs. This is not a video of a bunch of super bendy people who can already do drop-backs!


Full video length: 09:40
Create the context for drop-backs
There's more than one way to do it
Why learn to do a drop back?
Are you or your student ready?
Dealing with the fear

The Patterns

Full video length: 28:00
Learn to relax
Changing directions to forward and back
When to bend the knees
The most common bad patterns
Fixing those bad patterns

Dropping Back

Full video length: 18:35
How to get started
Can you use the wall?
Using the wall constructively
Avoiding bad patterns on the wall
Controlling the momentum
Putting it together - The landing

Coming Up

Full video length: 13:10
How to think about coming up
Deal with the most common mistakes
Why up and down doesn't work
Feet turning outtest
Relaxing into the shapetest
Put it all together!

Your drop-backs can become effortless over time.
This workshop will move you in that direction!

$49 USD

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