Frequently Asked Questions

Login and Password Issues

Remember: Your Username is your EMAIL address

  • If you have no idea what your username or email is maybe you can find the email that you were sent when you were registered or paid for your product. It would come from and have the subject line starting with: Thank you for your order – Perhaps it went into your spam or junk folder?

The login bar keeps spinning

  • If after you click the submit button on the login page an orange bar appears and doesn’t disappear, the problem is usually a cache issue. Try logging in using a different browser and see if the same thing happens. If it doesn’t, it’s cache. If it does, contact us.

Nothing happens when I enter email and password

  • If you enter your email and your password, hit submit, and nothing happens, then one of the two (email or password) or both are wrong.

The reset password form doesn’t recognize my email address

  •  If this is happening to you, then the email you’re entering is wrong.
  1. This can happen because of a misspelling.
  2. This can happen because you registered with a different email address.
  3. This can happen if you are on a TT program and your TT coordinator accidentally misspelled your email address. (contact us)

I didn’t get an email when I tried to reset my password

  • More than likely, it’s in your spam folder. It would be coming from Please whitelist that email address and/or add it to your contact list.

I keep getting taken back to the login page

  • If this is happening, it’s usually a browser caching issue. Please empty your browser cache and cookies for the last 4 weeks.

Courses and Product Issues

They are on the “Dashboard

  • When you login, you are automatically redirected to your “Dashboard” don’t forget to scroll if you’re on mobile.
  • If you’re already logged in, you will find the link to the “Dashboard” in the main menu in the upper right corner.
  • If you see the “Login” button, that means you are not currently logged in and you will NOT see the “Dashboard” link.


20 Hour Anatomy Course (Level 200) = 1 Year of access from registration date
30 Hour Anatomy Course (Level 200) = 1 Year of access from registration date
15 Hour Anatomy Course (Level 300) = 1 Year of access from registration date
Comprehensive Anatomy Course = 3 Years of access from registration date
Basics of Applied Anatomy = 1 Year of access


Exploring Yoga Drop-Backs = Lifetime Access
Working with Yoga Injuries = Lifetime Access
Lotus Workshop = Lifetime Access
Yoga Adjustment Videos = Lifetime Access
Yoga Anatomy Video/Download = Lifetime Access

  • The link to your certificate is located in the last unit of the last module of your course.
  • In order for your certificate to be generated, all units have to be marked as completed.

To confirm this:

Login and then click on the link to your course. The next page you see is a single page outline of your course. The last column on this outline page has either a green dot with a white check or a grey dot to correspond to each unit. All of these must be green in order for the system to generate the certificate.

Go to any unit that has a grey dot and click the “mark as completed” button at the bottom of the content. This will change that grey dot into a green dot with a check mark in it. After all dots are green, proceed to the last unit in the last module and find your download certificate button.

Yes, David is E-RYT and YACEP provider.

Anatomy & Physiology – Category
Basics of Applied Anatomy = 3 non-contact hours.
30-Hour anatomy for TT (Level 200)
= 10 contact hours + 20 non-contact hours within TT programs
= 30 non-contact hours if not in a TT
20-Hour Anatomy for TT (Level 200)
= 10 contact hours + 10 non-contact hours within TT programs
= 20 non-contact hours if not in a TT
15-Hour Anatomy for TT (Level 300)
= 10 contact hours + 5 non-contact hours within TT programs
= 15 non-contact hours if not in a TT
Comprehensive Anatomy Course = 50 non-contact hours
YogAnatomy Vol. 1 & 2 = 4 non-contact hours.

Teaching Methodology – Category
Exploring Dropbacks = 1 non-contact hour.
Working with Yoga Injuries = 2 non-contact hours.
How to Practice and Teach Lotus = 1 non-contact hour.
Hands-on Adjustments = 5 non-contact hours.

Video Download / Playback Issues

That’s correct

  • This is not a thing. This is an Apple thing. You cannot download video files directly onto iPhones or iPads. You can, however, download them to your computer and then sync them to your device. Read this for more information.

Our videos are streamed from which has plenty of bandwidth.

If you’re having trouble:

  • Your internet connection may be the problem if it is generally slow.
  • Switch from HD to SD (The videos load as SD by default)
  • Make sure your browser is up to date.
  • If you downloaded videos and they don’t play or there is no sound, delete them and download the videos again.
  • They probably got corrupted in the downloading process.