Like having a Yoga Anatomy
Workshop in your own home!

Yoga Practitioner?

Be guided through anatomy in a visual and auditory way and make new connections to your practice.

Yoga Teacher?

Understand anatomy for your students and confidently help them understand their bodies and prevent injury.

Yoga Studio?

Information packed DVD set perfect for serious students, teachers, and your shop.

These Videos Are For You

I know how tricky it can be to learn anatomy. Plenty of people, perhaps just like you, struggle with the subject. Many students and teachers are realizing how important it is to have a solid foundation in anatomy.

Reading an article here or there certainly helps, but don’t necessarily give you the foundation to understand them fully. These videos are great because I will guide you through the anatomy step by step. You can start, stop, rewind, and watch them over and over again at your leisure.

This is as close as you’ll get to being in a workshop. Although the dynamics are different, the information remains simple, straightforward, and easy to understand. You’ll have both the visual and auditory elements to help you absorb the information.

Get these videos, invite a yoga friend over and start learning the fundamentals of yoga anatomy right away!

Learn Yoga Anatomy

Be a More Confident Teacher

Great To Watch With Others

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“I am in the middle of your Yoganatomy DVD and love how succinct you are. Your approach is clear and easy to understand. Thank you!”
– Lucille

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This yoga anatomy video offers just over 4 hours of information. I always present anatomy in a straightforward and down to earth manner that everyone can understand and appreciate.

These videos cover the basics of anatomy such as anatomical position and keywords you hear all the time. It quickly grows from there and covers connective tissue, the skeletal system, the muscular system and the nervous system.

Building from that we move on to major joints and structures. We discuss function as well as common dysfunctions that we find in our yoga practice. We cover the foot, knees, hips, pelvis, the spine, and shoulders. I also discuss the psoas muscle, breathing, and bandhas!

 “Hi David,
Just want to tell you how much I am learning from your DVDs on adjustments and Anatomy. I am a graduate of kinesiology + yoga teacher and your work is one of the most practical and most applicable approaches I have seen. I just ordered your new Functional Anatomy book and can’t wait to receive it!”

– Uriel

 “This DVD set is by far the clearest and most applicable information on anatomy for yoga teachers and students that I have seen. The concepts are clearly explained and each concept is put into context so that you can apply it on the mat. It’s full of really useful information and also entertaining to watch! This is one of the best reference materials on my “yoga reference shelf”. I’ve watched most sections of this DVD set several times now and I learn something new every time.”

– Christine

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