Three Anatomical Points
to an Effortless Practice

There are three anatomical points, that when accessed, will establish strength, stability, ease, and effortlessness in your practice.

Topics Covered:

Explanation of the three anatomical points
Techniques to access these key points
Understand their relationship to bandha
Apply the techniques to sun salutations
Utilize the three anatomical points for focus

After teaching anatomy and yoga for nearly twenty years, the core of movement in practice can be brought back to three anatomical points that direct you toward the core of the body. This workshop is about simplifying the complexity of where to practice from anatomically.

By focusing on these three anatomical points, you will develop safe and effective movement that becomes expansive and effortless. It sounds too good to be true, but this really is the basis of understanding the physical component of bandhas in your yoga practice.

There are many ways to approach the practice of yoga. Anatomy is simply another perspective that can be used to understand how to approach practice.

Come along and experience a truly new way to move in your body and take your practice to the next level.