Yoga Adjustments Workshop

Want to take your teaching skills to the next level? The Yoga Adjustment Workshop will teach you both why and how to apply effective hands-on adjustments. Gain confidence with more tools to help your students evolve their practice.

Topics Covered:

Why should we do an adjustment in the first place?
What makes a good adjustment?
Where should we place our body?
What adjustment is appropriate for this student?
Is it ok to put my hands on them?
What is the appropriate amount of pressure?

Workshop Outline

  • Observing first
  • Becoming aware of your own bias
  • Having a clear intention
  • Feeling and Sensing
  • Adapting to what you feel and sense
  • Playing with the balance between the student working and you working
  • Learning to use the variety of tools that you have available: your body, student’s body, verbal cues, breathing, etc.
  • Applying the principles of grounding and length
  • Moving into the adjustment slowly
  • Being aware of your own body mechanics
  • Supporting students breathing
  • Adjusting one intention at a time—don’t fuss or over-adjust

In the Yoga Adjustments Workshop, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the purpose and use of hands-on adjustments for yoga postures. Hands-on adjustments and assists can be a very powerful tool for yoga teachers. When done well, hands-on adjustments are an opportunity to retrain patterns or ways of moving that we see in our yoga students. You will understand the big picture of why, when, and how to apply hands-on adjustments, while learning skills that can be applied to all styles of yoga asana practice.

My intention in the Yoga Adjustments Workshop is that you understand how to take those concepts and apply them to the unique situations that come up in your own classes. You’ll practice the foundational concepts behind every good hands-on adjustment on many different types of postures.  This workshop will help you understand how to adapt hands-on adjustments to “real-world” bodies, including: differences in height, flexibility, strength, and level of practice.

The Yoga Adjustments Workshop is built around many different exploration exercises and lots of practice that will help you build confidence in applying those intentions through hands-on adjustments. These skills go a long way in building the relationship that you have with your students and instilling trust. The yoga adjustments workshop is all about you gaining the confidence to make the right decisions in the moment. After all, your students are unique. They present unique challenges and you need skills to apply yoga adjustments that are tailored to each individual’s situation.