Yoga Adjustment Workshop

Gaining confidence as a teacher takes time. One of the places where new teachers feel least comfortable is when they place their hands on students. The yoga adjustment workshop will give you that confidence.

Topics Covered:

  • Why should we do an adjustment in the first place?
  • What makes a good adjustment?
  • Where should we place our body?
  • What adjustment is appropriate for this student?
  • Is it ok to put my hands on them?
  • What is the appropriate amount of pressure?

The yoga adjustments workshop is specifically designed to take you through a process of understanding all of the factors that go into doing yoga adjustments.

You will learn principles and ways of thinking about adjustments that make you more confident and able to work with your students. These skills go a long way in building the relationship that you have with your students and instilling trust that you know what you’re doing.

The yoga adjustments workshop is all about you gaining the confidence to make the right decisions in the moment. After all, your students are unique. They present unique challenges and problems that need to have yoga adjustments that are tailored to that uniqueness.

Yoga Adjustments Workshop Outline

  • learn to see the adjustment first, where do they need length or space in their body or breath
  • learn to use the variety of tools (body parts) that you have available
  • use your own weight, good body mechanics to both feel and keep you safe
  • build confidence through different exercises and practice
  • play with the balance between the student working and you working
  • and much much more…

Have a workshop in your own home!

45 postures using 5 different students. Start, Stop, Rewind at your own pace.

yoga adjustment DVD