Yoga Anatomy Observation Workshop

This is one of the best, most practical workshops you will take. Be guided on a journey to be aware of more of the information that is right in front of you and learn what to do with it!

Topics covered:

  • Quick review of anatomy
  • Learn to see what has been in front of you all along
  • Detailed postural analysis
  • See the anatomy in movement
  • See the anatomy in asanas
  • Individualize instruction based on what you see

One of the most important skills a teacher can have is the skill of observation. There is a lot of information that is already in front of you. You’re just not necessarily aware of it until it’s pointed out. In the Yoga Anatomy Observation Workshop you will begin the process of being able to see what a student is doing and or not doing. Seeing more can make all the difference in the adjustments or cues you give to a student in a particular pose.

In the Yoga Anatomy Observation Workshop we develop the eyes by first recognizing what our biased view is. We then strip that down with a very formalized postural analysis done with plumb lines. This helps us get extremely detailed in our observation of the person.

The next step or level of observation, is through movement. We will create the space to observe people as they walk and move through the room. In conjunction with this we will then mimic the patterns that we see in the student walking so that we gain a more kinesthetic feel for what is going on in that person’s body. This is a great reminded that we often need to put ourselves inside the students posture (asana). From there, we know what to do.

Finally, we will take the eyes back to the yoga mat and observe poses as they form (transitions into) as well as the state of the asana (static form). With our new observation skills we ca then intelligently use our verbal cues or hands on adjustments to guide and direct the student where we want them to go. This guidance then happens from what we have more truly observed about them.