YogAnatomy Volume 1 with David Keil


Length 2:15 – These DVDs are NTSC and can be used in ALL REGIONS of the world.

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YogAnatomy Vol. 1 an Introduction to Anatomy for Practitioners and Teachers

Join David Keil, international instructor, for this information packed guide through your anatomy. David is known for his simplicity and emphasis on concepts and principles that lead one to appreciate the human body. This DVD is a must see for anyone serious about their practice or teaching.

This first Volume begins the journey with the basics of anatomy and then evolves into deeper aspects and concepts of how our anatomy functions. This piece is thought provoking and insightful and will simply shift the way you think of your body, how it is put together and its function.

Includes both lecture and Demonstration of concepts and principles.
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Topics Covered

  • How the body is put together
  • Discern where movement happens and doesn’t happen
  • What connective tissue is and what role it plays in your yoga practice
  • How the priniciple of “tensegrity” applies to your body and practice
  • What scar tissue is and what to do when injury arises
  • How the priniciple of “tensegrity” applies to your body and practice
  • What scar tissue is and what to do when injury arises
  • What a muscle is (not necessarily what you think it is)
  • How a muscle functions in movement
  • Different types of muscular contractions and where they show up in your yoga practice
  • The relationship between muscles and connective tissue
  • How the nervous system relates to your yoga practice
  • How you bring patterns of movement onto your yoga mat
  • How the skeletal system functions and may play a role in your yoga practice
  • The foot and its arches
  • How the arches are formed, sutained, and impact your yoga practice
  • Practical suggestions for applying the anatomy of the foot to your practice
  • How the knee joint is put together including its major ligaments
  • How the knee functions and dysfunctions (common injuries)
  • Add the concept of “Kinetic Chain” to your vocabulary and understanding
  • Practical application of the concepts and movements to do lotus posture
  • Practical tips for working with a knee that is painful in the lotus posture
  • The structure and function of the hip joint
  • Major muscles surrounding the hip joint including piriformis and others
  • How the hamstrings and quadriceps function as “two joint muscles”
  • Demonstration of where and how tight hips play a role in knee dysfunction
  • Demonstration to show where movement does or doesn’t hapen at the hip joint

………………………………and much much more!
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DVD Trailers

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