YogAnatomy Volume 2 with David Keil


Length 1:55 – These DVDs are NTSC and can be used in ALL REGIONS of the world.

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YogAnatomy Vol. 2 an Introduction to Anatomy for Practitioners and Teachers

With the same engaging manner he employs in his live workshops, the simple clarity of the first volume of YogAnatomy, acclaimed yoga and anatomy instructor David Keil invites you to delve even deeper into your body in YogAnatomy vol. 2. A valuable tool for yoga practitioners of all levels, teachers, and anatomy enthusiasts, this second volume continues to develop a working vocabulary of anatomy terms, concepts, and simple principles, which will help even the uninitiated gain profound understanding of the human body, how it’s put together, and how it functions and dysfunctions. In addition to the first volume, this DVD offers more information, organized more practically, than any other tool available on the market today.

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Topics Covered

  • psoas
  • where the psoas is located and attaches
  • what function does the psoas perform
  • how the psoas is related to your yoga practice
  • spine
  • what movements happen in the spine
  • where movement happens specifically in the spine
  • explanation of bulge, herniation, and ruptured disc
  • how the spine functions in back bending
  • what tissues restrict back bending and put force into the low back
  • how the femur, pelvis and spine function together
  • shoulders and arms
  • anatomy of the shoulder joints
  • detailed description of the rotator cuff group of muscles
  • how to control our scapula in poses like up dog and down dog
  • comparison of the upper and lower limbs
  • breath and bandha

………………………………and much much more!
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DVD Trailers


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